Mine Geology Services

BMGS has an enviable mine geology pedigree. Our mine geologists intimately know metalliferous mining and how to make the most of the process for all stakeholders. Our mining geologist expertise has been invaluable in many mining projects across the world for optimising efficiency, prolonging mine life and maximising project returns.

We provide technical expertise, both on site and off, for all facets of mine geology:

Open Pit and Underground


  • Process optimisation
  • Workflow automation

Data Management

  • Access database solutions
  • acQuire data management


  • Programme implementation
  • Technical analysis of results
  • Assessment of analytical techniques

Grade Control

  • Grade control process mapping and system development
  • Drill design and implementation
  • Open pit and underground grade control planning and supervision

Resource Development

  • Near mine exploration programme design and execution
  • Orebody targeting
  • 3D modelling
  • Resource scoping and prioritisation


  • Mine to mill reconciliation
  • Metal accounting


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