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Trench at mine site


BMGS was formed in 2003, with the purpose being to provide consulting and contracting services from its Kalgoorlie head office, later in 2008 the BMGS Perth office was created.

The company was formed by experienced geologists all with strong exposure to metalliferous mine and exploration geology. The ethos of providing down to earth, systematic, logical and technically correct support is the major driver to our business.


“To be the first choice in geological contractors and consultants for the local minerals industry and to reinforce that choice by providing high quality, accurate geological input to our clients.”

It is the goal of BM Geological Services to offer geological solutions to the minerals industry nationally and globally by providing a high level of professional input into all projects in which we are involved. Workplace health and safety, environment and community relations are prime considerations in the way we conduct ourselves in business and are integral to our client’s requirements.

BMGS understands that its people are our primary asset and that their output is a reflection on the performance of the company. Providing challenging roles and offering extensive training and development are keys to our securing the right personnel and improving the skills base upon which our delivered product is measured.


BM Geological Services believes that if it has involvement in projects adjacent to towns then it has an obligation to that local community. BMGS will maintain ongoing local sponsorships that increase the social benefits for all residents. Offices will remain local to all projects thereby encouraging the use of local businesses wherever possible.


BMGS core values result in MATERIAL gains to your resource business;

Mastery of field and technical skills
Add value investing in BMGS will return a dividend
Transparency in all our dealings and relations
Efficient job done right the first time
Responsibility for our actions and decisions
Intelligent solutions to everyday problems
Accuracy and timeliness of deliverables
Logical approach to our work

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