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Open cast mine

Resource Estimation

BMGS geologists have considerable expertise in resource estimation for most metalliferous commodities with a strong focus on gold, nickel, magnetite and tin / tantalum / lithium

Excavating an open cast mine

Mine Geology

BMGS has an enviable mine geology pedigree. Our mine geologists intimately know metalliferous mining and how to make the most of the process for all stakeholders. Our mining geologist expertise has been invaluable in many mining projects across the world for optimising efficiency, prolonging mine life and maximising project returns.

Yurts in bleak mountain terrain

Remote Exploration

BMGS has a remote exploration division that specialises in the provision of grass roots mineral exploration services. We have the people, gear and know how to quickly and efficiently execute exploration activities anywhere in the world

Derelict old mine equipment

Personnel & Equipment

BMGS employs around 50 high quality geologists and 10 field assistants to provide geology consulting and contracting services to our clients. Our people are down to earth, logical and hard working – equipped with all the smarts to optimise your operation.

BMGS badge on rock face

Corporate Services

BMGS provides publically listed companies with corporate geology support. Several of our geology consultants have experience with small to mid-cap companies, as directors and senior management, providing signoff, technical communication and support

BMGS providing one-to-one training

BMGS Training

BMGS offers training held either one-on-one or in small groups, either at our training facilities or at your operations

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