Geological Staff and Equipment

Geologists and Field Assistants

BMGS employs around 50 high quality geologists and 10 field assistants to provide geology consulting and contracting services to our clients. Our people are down to earth, logical and hard working – equipped with all the smarts to optimise your operation.

Our people (geologists and field technicians) range in experience from 1 year to 25 years and can cover the spectrum of geological requirements in the minerals industry.

Field Equipment

BMGS provides the following resource equipment on commercial hire terms:

  • Mobile core cutting facility (integrated AC, generator, plumbing, roller racks)
  • Camping Equipment (generators, camper trailers, fridges)
  • Core yard and and core processing facilities in Kalgoorlie
  • Remote vehicles with satellite tracking, quad bikes and trailers.
  • Flatbed truck with Hiab Crane
  • Forklifs with mancage and extended tyne capacity
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